Frequently Asked Questions





Q: Do you have any age/race restrictions or people you will not see?

A: You must be 21 or older. I have no other restrictions, people of all ages, races, and genders or those with disabilities are welcome.


Q: Can you promise discrection?

A: Of course! Discretion is taken very seriously and is always assured.


Q: Where should I leave payment?

A: I prefer you leave the donation in the bathroom, I will see it as I freshen up when I arrive.

Please refrain from mentioning or discussing the donation with me prior to and during our date. Do not attempt to hand cash directly to me. I will pick it up on my way out. There is no need for you to point it out, mention, or discuss it.

If the first part of our date is in public, please place the donation in a magazine, birthday card, or small gift bag and place it on the table in front of us within the first 10-15 minutes of our date. Donations will be handled discreetly.


Q: What if I want to extend our date after it has already started?

A: If my schedule allows, I would love to stay! Please familiarize yourself with my rates so you can make adjustments on your own. Payment will be expected at the beginning of any extended time.


Q: Will you send me more pictures?

A: No, but feel free to follow me on instagram , twitter , or switter 


Q: What will you be wearing?

A: I tend to keep it pretty casual with something sexy underneath. I love yoga pants and a cute top, I'm a sucker for a pair of Jordans or Hurraches.


Q: What's on the menu?

A: Please refer to my reviews page for all that info!


Q: How can I show my appreciation?

A: Please check out my Spoil Me page for suggestions!


Q: Do you enjoy your job?

A: Absolutely!! I love the freedom this work gives you to meet new people and travel. I adore making new like minded friends!